Monday, December 5, 2011

Our Texas Wedding

On Saturday, the twenty second day of October, two thousand eleven, 
I married the love of my life. We were married at three-fifteen in the afternoon 
in the Lubbock Texas Temple. The wedding reception started with a buffet dinner. 
Then a Mariachi band surprised us and the guests as well. 
The night was filled with love, laughter, and dancing. 
Enjoy the pictures! 

All photos were taken by Becca Lea Photography.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Coming soon

I will post about my amazing wedding when I get pictures. Let the anticipation begin!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My man


And still just as cute. :)

The story behind these pictures:
This weekend we went hunting and camping with Isaac's family. I didn't want to swim in the pond because there were snakes but Isaac tried to persuade me to come swim by confessing his love through a mud written love note on his worked. Later when we returned to Dallas, I found this picture of him as a child and had to laugh because he looks the same, only bigger. He was such a cute little boy and he's still just as good humored and cute today.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

What you all have been waiting for...

One Saturday morning, I volunteered to help out at the food bank.

That same morning a boy also volunteered at the food bank. His name is Isaac.

After meeting at the food bank, we both went to a Texas Tech Football game that night with friends. We made a bet on the score and Isaac predicted the game with complete accuracy!

The following week, Isaac came to my birthday party
and although it was karaoke, Isaac did not sing. :(

On the other hand, I had a great time!

I thought Isaac was cute but too young and when he asked me on our first date,
I thought he was just being nice in offering to take me to a good Mexican restaurant. On the date, I finally realized that he was genuinely interested.

After a couple of weeks of dating, Isaac biked over to my house and declared his intentions and asked me to be his girlfriend. And then we kissed. ;)

From that point on, we have spent many evenings together eating Mexican food, frequenting Texas Roadhouse, dancing, watching 30 Rock and the Office, and spending time with friends.

We go to friends' parties where Isaac might fall asleep.
(He works so hard, poor guy.)

We like to ride bikes together.

We both like to sport the bump it look.

We can be silly sometimes.

Isaac also likes to play with dolls and pretend he is pregnant.

We've tested each other's limits...aka, Isaac grew facial hair.

But most importantly, we're in love. :)

I'd say, "the end" but that wouldn't be accurate.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Where the wind blows...

I really like my apartment. It was recently remodeled, I don't pay a lot, BUT...I do have one complaint. I usually wake up on the right side of the bed so I am ready to conquer the day, Carpe Diem! But, the second I open my door, what do I see?!


Yes, that's right, the Lubbock wind blows everyone else's litter onto my front door step. Its like someone found out that I recycle I decided to let me throw away their garbage for them. I didn't nominate myself the "Green Queen," so I'm not quite sure how I got nominated to be the apartment complex trash management. I should get free rent or something.

So how do I respond? Well, I guess I could pray about it because obviously God is involved since mother nature is the one blowing all the trash my way. As for right now, I've just been sweeping up leaves and trash with my ghetto broom (the little blue one in the picture) and my handy piece of cardboard that I use as a dust pan. I have even vacuumed the porch because so much dust accumulates in front of my door and then gets tracked into my apartment.

All types of things come to our front door steps: packages, flowers, prince mine, comes trash. Do not think that I am throwing myself a pity party. I am grateful that at least I do not have solicitors or bombs on my front porch.

Tonight, I begin my supplication to God and mother nature to have this trash be "gone with wind"!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Texas Tech Uniform

Do not be fooled. Just because Texas Tech is a state university does not mean that there is no dress code. Although the university does not specify a school uniform, ironically, the student body has self-elected such a practice. I'm calling it the Tech Trend 2011. Now, we are pretty low key here at Tech. The campus is quite large, so why wear anything but the most comfortable outfit? Who cares if your parents are loaded and you have no excuse to dress in what you wore to bed? Who cares if you drive a fully loaded truck but you don't even own a pair of wranglers? You are rockin' those basketball shorts! What is most important is that you are being educated in exercise clothes! Talk about living the American Dream! What else could better prepare you for the work world and professional dress standards? And, I mean, when else are you going to put those exercise clothes to use? You sleep all morning, go to class in the afternoon. You don't have time to work out. There is a party tonight!

Now, I will describe to you the female uniform. Let's start from the bottom up. If the weather is warm, the female will wear tennis shoes, maybe flip flops. She will be wearing Nike running shorts, and they must have the Nike logo. Any other shorts, and you'd look like a fish out of water.

Here is a little picture I found on the web. As you can see, here is a lady sporting the Nike shorts.

Next is the sorority T-shirt. In the places I've lived, what brand of clothes usually indicates your status but not here at Tech. Your sorority T-shirt will tell everyone who you truly are. Are you in the sorority with girls that like to experiment with drugs? Maybe you are in the sorority of easy girls or rich girls? Or better yet, maybe you are in the sorority of girls with "good personalities." The possibilities are endless! Now, you may be thinking, "They wear the same shirt everyday?" Oh, no! Each girl has about 20 different sorority shirts. So, now you are wondering, what do they wear if it gets cold? No fear, just a few minor changes and the female undergrad is ready to go! Just slip on some leggings under those Nike shorts, and throw on some Ugg boots and a North Face fleece and we are talking S-T-Y-L-E!

Because the Tech Trend 2011 is so prevalent on campus, I'm beginning to wonder if the undergraduates on campus think that I'm a professor. Well, I think I will continue to shop at Banana Republic and wear my workout clothes . . . at the gym.