Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My man


And still just as cute. :)

The story behind these pictures:
This weekend we went hunting and camping with Isaac's family. I didn't want to swim in the pond because there were snakes but Isaac tried to persuade me to come swim by confessing his love through a mud written love note on his chest...it worked. Later when we returned to Dallas, I found this picture of him as a child and had to laugh because he looks the same, only bigger. He was such a cute little boy and he's still just as good humored and cute today.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

What you all have been waiting for...

One Saturday morning, I volunteered to help out at the food bank.

That same morning a boy also volunteered at the food bank. His name is Isaac.

After meeting at the food bank, we both went to a Texas Tech Football game that night with friends. We made a bet on the score and Isaac predicted the game with complete accuracy!

The following week, Isaac came to my birthday party
and although it was karaoke, Isaac did not sing. :(

On the other hand, I had a great time!

I thought Isaac was cute but too young and when he asked me on our first date,
I thought he was just being nice in offering to take me to a good Mexican restaurant. On the date, I finally realized that he was genuinely interested.

After a couple of weeks of dating, Isaac biked over to my house and declared his intentions and asked me to be his girlfriend. And then we kissed. ;)

From that point on, we have spent many evenings together eating Mexican food, frequenting Texas Roadhouse, dancing, watching 30 Rock and the Office, and spending time with friends.

We go to friends' parties where Isaac might fall asleep.
(He works so hard, poor guy.)

We like to ride bikes together.

We both like to sport the bump it look.

We can be silly sometimes.

Isaac also likes to play with dolls and pretend he is pregnant.

We've tested each other's limits...aka, Isaac grew facial hair.

But most importantly, we're in love. :)

I'd say, "the end" but that wouldn't be accurate.