Monday, February 13, 2012

Our Little Texan Baby!

Today we went to get our first ultrasound! For anyone who may have doubted Isaac as the father, you can rest assured that this is truly Isaac's blood! We didn't expect our little one to be so fashion forward, but in Texas, babies go big. 

It was so exciting to see our little baby wiggling around! The baby is about 2 inches and will be joining his/her family in the open air on September 6, 2012. I started to cry when I first saw the baby which then made my belly bounce and then we couldn't see him/her. The heartbeat was normal and we saw our baby's little arms and legs. So cute!

Well, we know this baby is a true Texan because he/she is already wearing cowboy boots and a sombrero. The baby also loves steak, potatoes, ribs and Blue Bell ice cream. I have a feeling that this baby will share in our love of Texas Roadhouse.We are so thrilled to be welcoming this little life into the world. We hope we can show our baby a big Texas Welcome!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Wedding pictures again, Texas style, aka big

All photos were taken by BeccaLea Photography. Becca did an amazing job! Now you can enjoy the pictures close up.

These pictures were taken outside the Lubbock temple.

Isaac wore these stripped socks. They remind me of the wicked witch of the west on Wizard of Oz!

I love this next picture. This was pretty impromptu but it turned out quite nice.

This is my favorite picture of all. To me it captures the happiness and fun that Isaac and I share. We hope till fill the gap with children! Maybe we will have to retake this picture someday in the future with our children.

Everyone comments that this photo should be in a magazine. This was taken in the doorway of the reception center.

The cake was delicious! This cake was a chocolate cake with a ganache and toffee filling and a butter cream frosting on the outside covered with coconut.

The rings. Isaac's ring is actually a hand-carved sterling silver ring made by Travis Stringer of Idaho. Isaac loves things to be handmade and USA made.

For our party favor we gave out little bottles of Mexican vanilla. The ladies loved them.

This is the tres leches cake that blew the socks off everyone. So delicious!

We were surprised by a mariachi band. This added so much to the fun of the evening and really got the party started!

My mom commented on this picture, "I don't remember that Isaac sang to you!?" It's because he didn't. This was just a photo opt.

I am about to throw the bouquet!

We threw my real bouquet as well because some of the flowers died even before the reception started so there was no point in preserving it.

Since we had two different cakes, we did this twice! :) I told Isaac he was not allowed to smach the cake in my face. He respected my wishes. :)

This picture was taken a little before we left the reception. This picture is so tender.

Leaving the reception, we talked about what a perfect day and night we had. The ceremony was so special and sacred. The reception was a perfect celebration of our union.

Every time I look at these pictures I am reminded of how excited and happy we were on that day. It really was a perfect day. The great thing is that although the day was so special, each day continues to be special. The memory does not make me long to go back and relive that day. Rather, the memory sustains the current moment as I realize that the anticipation that I held on my wedding day of a future happy marriage is a reality today. I hope that as we go forward our love will increase and grow so that when we look back on this day, we can say that we didn't smile big enough and we didn't shed enough tears to match the love that we would create.