Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Texas Tech Uniform

Do not be fooled. Just because Texas Tech is a state university does not mean that there is no dress code. Although the university does not specify a school uniform, ironically, the student body has self-elected such a practice. I'm calling it the Tech Trend 2011. Now, we are pretty low key here at Tech. The campus is quite large, so why wear anything but the most comfortable outfit? Who cares if your parents are loaded and you have no excuse to dress in what you wore to bed? Who cares if you drive a fully loaded truck but you don't even own a pair of wranglers? You are rockin' those basketball shorts! What is most important is that you are being educated in exercise clothes! Talk about living the American Dream! What else could better prepare you for the work world and professional dress standards? And, I mean, when else are you going to put those exercise clothes to use? You sleep all morning, go to class in the afternoon. You don't have time to work out. There is a party tonight!

Now, I will describe to you the female uniform. Let's start from the bottom up. If the weather is warm, the female will wear tennis shoes, maybe flip flops. She will be wearing Nike running shorts, and they must have the Nike logo. Any other shorts, and you'd look like a fish out of water.

Here is a little picture I found on the web. As you can see, here is a lady sporting the Nike shorts.

Next is the sorority T-shirt. In the places I've lived, what brand of clothes usually indicates your status but not here at Tech. Your sorority T-shirt will tell everyone who you truly are. Are you in the sorority with girls that like to experiment with drugs? Maybe you are in the sorority of easy girls or rich girls? Or better yet, maybe you are in the sorority of girls with "good personalities." The possibilities are endless! Now, you may be thinking, "They wear the same shirt everyday?" Oh, no! Each girl has about 20 different sorority shirts. So, now you are wondering, what do they wear if it gets cold? No fear, just a few minor changes and the female undergrad is ready to go! Just slip on some leggings under those Nike shorts, and throw on some Ugg boots and a North Face fleece and we are talking S-T-Y-L-E!

Because the Tech Trend 2011 is so prevalent on campus, I'm beginning to wonder if the undergraduates on campus think that I'm a professor. Well, I think I will continue to shop at Banana Republic and wear my workout clothes . . . at the gym.