Saturday, March 22, 2014

Fall and Winter Photos

So, I started this post months ago but never finished it. Here are some photos from the fall and winter of our family.

For my birthday, we went up to Amarillo to eat at Coyote Bluff Cafe. If you ever want to try the most delicious bacon cheeseburger, this is the place you need to go. But get ready to go into a comma afterward! Amarillo was also hosting a rodeo and trade show that weekend, so after lunch we headed over to the trade show to let our digestive systems settle before we made the drive back home.

Here is Wyatt and I waiting while Isaac chats with a boot-maker.
Wyatt had just recently learned to walk in October and here he is trying out his skills.
This picture melts my hear every time I look at it.
Here we are in front of Coyote Bluff Cafe.
Some of you might have seen previous pictures of Wyatt after he has undressed himself in his crib. Here are few from the past few months.

Here, Wyatt had been playing with these socks or mine, so I decided to put them on him like leg warmers.
 He got quite a kick out of wearing them around the house.
Here is Wyatt with his friend in these cute little rocking chairs!
Who knows, maybe when they are old men they will be friends and they can do a remake of the photo!
Isaac got some new glasses so we let Wyatt try on a few pair. 
Here is Wyatt demonstrating that he wore it better than me.
For Thanksgiving we were able to go to celebrate with Isaac's family. The kids got to take a little bath together. It was so fun to see them play together at this age because they are more interactive with each other.

We also decided to have them play in the leaves. Overall, they liked the leaves.

So Isaac set a saddle in the house and Wyatt decided it was the perfect size
for him to lean up against when sitting on the floor. 
Alert: Parenting fail! This picture makes me sad because we took Wyatt outside when it was cold, and when I wasn't looking he stuck his hands in the cow's water bucket.  His little wet glove got stuck on the fence. Poor guy! 
Wyatt petting boots
A picture from Christmas time

Wyatt has finally grown into the hat our friend made for him.
The handsome men of my life!
My friend made this blanket for Wyatt when he was born and he has chosen it as his blankie.
Isaac laughed at this picture and said that it looks like Wyatt is flashing someone. Ha! Our little nudest would!
Now that Wyatt can walk, he wants to go, go, go! He loves to run around outside.
He falls down a lot on our bumpy ground but he doesn't even care.

Wyatt loves to play with other kids. I'm not sure if she is going to kiss him or hit him. Ha!
Crawling under the table together.
Wyatt loves to go to the park and he especially likes the swing.
Some times Wyatt makes some pretty awesome faces. Here are a few.

Wyatt and Mommy
Wyatt loves handkerchiefs so we had a little fun with them.

Fun at the mall.
My little hedgehog!
Wyatt really loves to be outdoors and is beginning to like this cowboy stuff his dad is into. Here are some adorable photos of my little cowboy!

Sometimes Wyatt falls asleep in his high chair...

This year I turned 30 years old. Growing up we usually had an ice cream cake, so I decided I would indulge and buy a mint chocolate chip ice cream cake from Baskin Robbins. So good!

Wyatt learned how to go down the slide by himself.
A Costco trip with a friend. Love those faces!
Wyatt is obsessed with sitting in any car seat that he finds empty.
Wyatt loves to visit Isaac at work. He loves to roam around and look at the cows and dogs. He especially likes when Isaac takes us on the gator to go to a different section of the ranch.

Isaac milking a mama cow.

Wyatt loves to play the piano. Here are a few pictures of him practicing his form.