Monday, April 15, 2013

My uniform

I don't normally take the "selfie" but the other day I thought that I should document my "mom/wife of a horseman"  uniform. Everyday I wake up and go out to feed the horses before Wyatt wakes up and I need to feed him. As long as I slept in suitable sweats, I typically just slip on these cowboy boots. Now, these boots are a little big because they were given to Isaac by a friend but they are too small for him. So, I claimed them as mine. I used to go out in tennis shoes but we have this horrible weed/grass that leaves stickers everywhere and running shoes are the worst for that. I always wonder what people think as they drive past me as I walk out to get the mail in my sweatpants/cowboy boots combo. Do they think, "oh that is normal" or do they think, "who wears sweat pants with boots?" OR maybe they think, "trash." 

Well, I stay in this uniform to take out the trash, get the mail, feed the dog, really whatever my day requires. I usually postpone showering till before I have to leave the house (don't worry, I shower daily). I do this for three reasons. One, there is about a 7% chance, I might actually do a video workout sometime during the day. Two, housework can make a girl sweaty. And three, if I take a nap, I want to do it before I style my hair. So there you have it, the stay-at-home-mom uniform. 

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Love me some baby Wyatt!

A tisket, a tasket, Wyatt's in a basket!

Wrapped up in mommy's and daddy's sheets!

Having a good ol' time with his buddies at Texas Roadhouse!

 Baths are for babies, showers are for real men!

Plumbers butt! When you are on the go, who has time to pull up their diaper?

If you nap with a blanket on your head, it is like it is night time...

Lubbock's crazy weather calls out the beanie.

Who eats the head? This guy does for the body!

Sometimes, you just need to wear your shirt like a viking.

The teapot

When Isaac and I went to register at Bed, Bath, and Beyond for our wedding registry, we found this little gem. The other day I was reading my Better Homes and Gardens (Yes, I subscribe to the magazine that when I was 15-year-old I swore was only for grandmas) and they had an article on throwing a tea party. And guess what tea pot they featured as a suggestion for your spread? You are looking at it!

Well, I guess we have good taste. Thank you Uncle Brian and Aunt Carolyn for the gift that will make us quite the stylin' tea party throwers. I never drank tea before my mission in Russia. But now I like a nice herbal tea every once in a while and especially when I am sick. I especially love to make a simple lemon and honey tea. I just squeeze the lemon, add a tablespoon of honey and hot water. Well, today I cleaned the teapot and it made me chuckle because it reminded me of something Isaac once said to me. We were talking about the teapot (we must have been drinking tea or something) and then all of a sudden Isaac said, "If we ever get divorced, you can keep everything but I am taking the teapot." It made me laugh pretty hard when he said that. Although I'm pretty positive we will never divorce, I know that if we ever did, Isaac would make sure he got that teapot. He loves that teapot! So, if many years down the road, you see Isaac and I are old, graying, wrinkly and wobbling around hand in hand, you can guess what kept us together. Was it compromise? The kids? Forgiveness? Or was it that Rebecca didn't want to lose that teapot in a divorce? Guess we will just have to wait and see...