Saturday, August 11, 2012

Country Living

In May, Isaac and I moved right outside the city limits of Lubbock. I don't know that it is really all that "country" but we did have to get special internet and we have well water, so close enough. Isaac found this great little place that sits on five acres and came equipped with horse stalls and a round pin. I never thought I'd live in a trailer house but life is full of surprises. It is really nice to be out of an apartment and I'm excited that our little one will have room to run around. It's also nice to have the horses with us and to see Isaac doing what he loves.

This is Isaac's horse Golden Boy. He is a beautiful horse and very good natured. Isaac has used him to do some cowboy work. He seems like the father of the bunch and has taken a liking to our filly "Boots."

Here Isaac is with Golden Boy and Blue.

Here is a picture of Isaac and Blue. It is more rare to find a white horse. Blue has blue eyes, hence the name. For a while they would not register Cremello horses. I think it was because they thought they were albino. Isaac has had Blue since he was a teenager. He bred Blue and she gave birth to Boots one year ago.

Isaac had bred Blue with the intent to give the foal to his father. Isaac's dad named the filly "Boots" because the bottom of her legs are a different color and it looks like she is wearing boots. Boots has two little hearts on the bottom of one of her hind leg. So cute!

Here is a gray colt that Isaac is breaking for a friend. This horse likes to neigh a lot. He is pretty spunky!

Here is our beloved Boots. She was in her pin so I will have to post a picture of her full body later. She is a real pretty horse and is growing so fast. She likes to stick her head through any fence that she can. She can be pretty silly but she is a good horse and hopefully our kids will be able to ride her someday.