Friday, July 19, 2013

Round Four

And so it begins again! Yesterday, Isaac brought home a calf. I felt a little unsure about trying this a fourth time but one day in I'm already invested. I told Isaac and that I wasn't going to name the calf for two weeks (by then we would know if the calf would survive). But today while I was bottle feeding the calf, the name "Harold" came to mind. So, meet Harold, or Harry for short. Isaac sprayed Harold down yesterday because he had been pretty messy from all the mud that the rain has brought us. He looks so cute! Today he mooed while I was feeding him. So cute! I appreciate Harry because he doesn't smell as bad as the other calves we have tried to raise. Harry also has more promise because we know he was with his mom at least three days at the feed lot. When we brought him home his poo was the color that indicates that he had been nursing which means he got the liquid gold, aka colostrum. So far he seems strong. He sucks way better than the other calves. I don't have to wrestle him to get him to take a bottle. And, unlike some of the other calves, Harry still has his tail and he can see. I feel that out of all the calves, Harold has the most promise but we shall see. My hopes are already up! Here are a few photos of Harold.

Harold walking among the weeds. The weeds provide him some shade, so he is into that.

This is what Harold looks like from behind, just in case you wanted proof that he has a tail.

You will have to look closely here but our dog Snax is licking Harold. Aw, they are kissing! Snax tries to lick Harold and the bottle when I bottle feed Harold. I think Snax is just trying to get the access milk that drops. It's kind of gross.

Anyway, now that it is summer and warmer, hopefully Harold will make it!