Monday, February 3, 2014

We're having a baby!

We are happy to announce that we get the privilege of bringing another little soul into this world!

Our little Wyatt turned out so well that we decided that we MUST have another baby! We are so excited to welcome a baby girl around April 16, 2014! We were a little late announcing the pregnancy on Facebook and it has been killing me! At first, Isaac said he wanted to be the one to announce the pregnancy. Then we thought we would wait till we found out the sex of the baby. Then we switched insurance, so it pushed back the ultrasound where we find out the sex of the baby. Then, once we knew the sex of the baby, we didn't know how we wanted to share the news. Then we all got sick, so our picture idea would have to wait a bit. But now everyone who follows us on Facebook or my blog can know our exciting news!

This pregnancy has been different than my pregnancy with Wyatt. When we went in for the first ultrasound, I had thought I was about 12 weeks because I had been having symptoms for quite a while. Turns out I was only 9 weeks. With Wyatt I had some nausea but I never threw up. I've thrown up 5 to 10 times with this pregnancy which I know is nothing compared to others' experiences but you need to understand that I have not vomited since I was 8 years old. This child broke me! I hope this is not a sign of what is to come in the battle of our wills! Ha! 

I felt movement from baby girl much sooner than I had felt with Wyatt. I know this could be because it is my second pregnancy but I know she is more active than Wyatt. It is like a constant dance party in my uterus. And it hurts sometimes! Wyatt didn't move a ton till probably the last couple months, and it would hurt when he kicked my ribs. But baby girl will kick or hit my sides and it hurts. I know that I carry pretty internally because I never got that big with Wyatt and he was a normal birth weight. So maybe everything in my abdomen is just crammed together and she thinks my stomach and liver are punching bags for her recreational use. Well, she seems wild but we appreciate energy in this house. 

Here are the few pictures I have from this pregnancy:

This picture was taken July 19th before I was even pregnant. I think I had thought I would take a before picture or maybe I had already thought I was pregnant. I can't even remember! I had the best intentions of taking pictures every week but that didn't happen. 
This picture was taken on December 3, 2013. You can see a little bump. I was about 21 weeks here.
This was taken December 9, 2013. I'm about 22 weeks here.
This was taken December 22, 2013. Here, I am about 24 weeks.

This picture was taken on January 9, 2014. Here I am a little over 26 weeks.

Now I am 29 1/2 weeks. This pregnancy has been physically harder but the ironic thing is that I forget that I'm pregnant sometimes. I always seem so surprised when I get my weekly notification of how far along I am. I think having Wyatt around distracts me from focusing on how much longer till baby comes. I worry sometimes that we won't be prepared for when this baby comes because we've been so laid back about this pregnancy and it feels like time is just flying by. We are very excited to have a girl. I'm excited to join the mommy club that shops in the big section of the baby stores. I am also excited to be able to dress up a little girl. It will be so fun! And now, I don't have to worry that I held onto my American Girl Doll in vain. I'm also happy that I can relax about the worry of not having both genders. 

Aside from all the little exciting things that come with having a girl, I feel immensely blessed that we have the opportunity to have another child. I know that many others experience infertility and the loss of a child. Sometimes I want to pinch myself because it seems like a dream that having children has been so easy for us. I don't ever want to take that for granted. Isaac and I had both hoped that this next one would be a girl. At the ultrasound, I was a little worried that I would be disappointed if the tech said it was a boy. I was shocked that I actually felt some disappointment when she said it was a girl. It was such a strange and unexpected emotion to have at the time. I didn't know what to think about the way I felt. I thought, "Do I expect to be disappointed and have trouble accepting that my wishes might come true? Do I feel undeserving of good things? Or is it because it feels unearned? Have I become used to always working for the things that I want or feeling struggle before the reward?" I don't have any conclusions and I'm not sure that I need to understand the emotion but it was an interesting experience. I guess that is what parenthood is about: having new experiences that make you feel things you never expected. 

I'm so excited to have another child and for Wyatt to have a little playmate. Wyatt has been such a joy in our lives and he has already taught me many things. I'm so excited to have new experiences with another child and to have new experiences with Wyatt as he steps into the role of big brother. We just can't wait till April!