Tuesday, July 10, 2012

May (Graduation and St. Louis)

May was a busy month for Isaac and me. The beginning of May was filled with studying for finals. We then attended three graduations (mine, Isaac's, and Aaron's, Isaac's brother). After graduation, Isaac and I headed up to St. Louis. My parents were moving from St. Louis at the time and it was great to go there one last time and say goodbye to my childhood home. Once we got back to Lubbock, we then moved ourselves. It was a whirlwind of a month! Well, here are the pics!

My classmates from my program

Isaac's graduation

My graduation (showing off our firstborn or first-to-come-soon)

Isaac and I

Isaac's family and I 
(I'm not sure why I don't have a photo of Isaac with his family. I think it must be on another camera)

The pregnant ladies and cousins

Aaron (Isaac's brother) is an opera singer and was asked to sing the Alma Mater at graduation

A trip to St. Louis always requires that one fill up on toasted ravioli. 
Cunetto's makes the best, so we had to eat there.

We then had to get some Ted Drewes. So delicious!

St. Louis was such a fun trip. Melanie and Nick were also there so it was great to spend time with them as well. It was also fun to help my mom go through our basement and look at old memorabilia. One particular highlight of the trip for me was when my mom went through some baby things and we were able to look at some things of my brother Blake. Blake was the firstborn child but died at age two following a heart surgery. None of us kids ever knew him. I'm grateful for my knowledge of eternal families and that someday I will meet him. I'll miss St. Louis but I'm so grateful for my family and the memories that I have that will be with me no matter where I go.