Thursday, November 25, 2010

There are other squirrels in the forest

Well, Thanksgiving is always a special time for me but this year was a different kind of special. This year my parents came in town since both my sister and I live here in Lubbock. We had the traditional Thanksgiving meal and afterwards the kids were begging me to dance like "Dancing in the Stars." So, we were all dancing around when I hear shouting from the kitchen that we are going to some family friends of my sister. The girls got all excited because this family has two boys--my nieces' crushes. So, the girls go change their outfits so they can look cute for the boys and we all pile in the car. I started to wonder what this visit is all about because my sister had told me that the wife in this family has a brother that she'd like to set me up with. So, I'm thinking there is an ulterior motive for me to meet this man. I already knew I was not looking for anyone, so I was not excited to be introduced this man. For a while the brother was not present, so I felt a sense of relief that vanished only 15 minutes later when a chair was set next to me and the brother sat down. Now, I'm sure he is nice but he is around 38 but looks like he is 50. I avoided conversation with him because I didn't want him to ask for my number or anything but inevitably he opened his mouth to jump in the conversation. I just about died. He had a voice that sounded like he had just inhaled air from a helium balloon but with a southern accent. Basically, a chipmunk, southern style. My brother-in-law felt bad and described him as squirrelly, and my sister chimed in, "Don't worry Rebecca, there are other squirrels in the forest." Well, even as awkward as that was, we did get a good laugh. I'm glad that my singleness can bring entertainment to the family but I'm hoping this is not going to be an annual tradition. As much as I care for all God's creations, I'm just not feeling the squirrel.

Monday, November 15, 2010

It's not you, it's the way you smell

Today I want to discuss an important oversight. These days many men are spending hours at the gym, trying to get that six pack. Or they are spending crazy amounts of money on clothes and hair gel. All these efforts are to attract a mate. While we women appreciate these efforts I think it is only appropriate to help out a man in need so I'm letting the men in on a secret. Now, this may seem like a really simple answer to what seems like a complex issue (securing a woman). Wear cologne. Yes, that's right. But, don't just think you can pick up an old sample and and don't think that the more you put on will make it more effective. The key is getting the right cologne. When a man smells good, a girl starts to melt inside. I get all worried that it may start to show that I'm possibly becoming irrational. The right cologne can turn a Chris Farley into Bradley Cooper. Now, you may think I'm only speaking for myself but I have talked with many women about this and it is true, a guy be ugly or fat or even have a bad personality, but if he smells good I think, "this guy is an option!" So, there you have it, if you are trying to find yourself a woman, you first need to find yourself a cologne. View the clip below to see just how it works.

Baby, I'm the lucky one

Last night as I was laying in bed I began to think about how lucky I am. I have so much to be grateful for. Of course I complain at times about what is lacking in my life but I've realized that I have so much to be happy about. I'd like to take some time right now to write about it.

The other day was my birthday and I was showered upon with so much love. My older sister Rachel made me a delicious meal and my cute nieces and nephew gave me a few surprises too. Paige and Dallin decided to be puppies for my birthday. Who would have thought I'd get not just one puppy, but two! Then Elizabeth and Paige showed us a wonderful dance performance. It was quite a pleasant evening. I have a wonderful family and I'm so excited to be with them over the holidays.

On the weekend I got to have a sleepover, just like old times, with two great girlfriends. I also got to do karaoke, a favorite past time of mine. It was so fun! I am not only grateful that so many people remembered me on my birthday but that so many made the effort to come celebrate and have a good time with me. I truly feel like I have a monopoly on good friends. As I have moved around quite a bit, friends have been so important to me and they have helped me grow so much.

I especially feel grateful about all the amazing opportunities I have had in my life: a study abroad in Ukraine, internship with Congress in DC, a mission in Russia, visiting Costa Rica, and pursuing a graduate degree. I realize how God has opened up doors of opportunity and provided the finances for me to have these experiences. Sometimes I wonder why God has blessed me with so much.

I'm so grateful for my health. After I stopped doing sports, I worked out to prevent myself from getting fat but in the past couple years I've come to really appreciate my body. There is something so amazing about having a healthy body and being able to move it in different ways.

I'm also grateful for my talents. I love music and I love that singing and playing the guitar and piano can make me so happy and relieve so much stress.

Especially right now, I'm grateful for the opportunity that I have to study and work in the field of Marriage and Family Therapy. It is such an inspiring endeavor and I don't know how to express how wonderful it feels to pursue a career that feels as though it is part of your soul. What I love most about my field is that it brings the most important things together: career, family, and spirituality.

I'm one lucky girl and recognizing that has allowed me to enjoy the journey. I'm so grateful for all that I have and look forward to Thanksgiving when my family and I can share our gratitude for all our blessings.